Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

It's been hot lately...  hot and humid actually, in the finest New Jersey Summer tradition. Without the benefit of air-conditioning, strapping an optivisor to my forehead and crouching over a sizzling hobby-lamp, brush in hand, quickly looses its appeal.

Yes, I'm attributing my recent hobby drought to global warming. It's very much in vogue to blame stuff on the scourge of climate change; seems right that I get with the times. Perhaps I should apply for a a government grant or some such thing.

That is not to say that no progress has been made on my never-ending project: Fractured Dimensions' Bearded Devils. In fact they're just about done:

Mostly touchups and some work on the bases remain.

To further pass the buck... Asslessman at Leadplague diverted me from the task at hand with a post about an app called Prisma.

The picture up top is a product of said app. Fun, simple, and impossible to put down once one gets rolling:

 For comparison's sake, the original WIP pic:

In other news, a package arrived yesterday from Mike at Mortal Arrow Miniatures:

Much more on that shortly.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

PTS XV: Wash Day

Copious washes have been applied to FD's bearded devils. In the shaded basecoat technique this is done to establish and intensify shadows. The trick is to do it without simultaneously obliterating the mids and highlights from previous steps (damage, yes... obliterate, no).

I used two different washes (a GW Violet/Greenshade mix and Vallejo Flesh Wash) on the shield. These were allowed to run together while wet for a grungy, rusty effect.

I quite like the result. Now to see if I can avoid slopping paint on it going forward (fingers crossed, everyone).

Next up: touchups and refinements to the aforementioned mids and highlights.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Halftime Highlights

Progress is progress and always preferable to no progress. So says the glass-half-full crowd. The opposing camp, being less charitable, wonders why FD's bearded devils are taking so damned long to complete.


Painting time's been somewhat limited lately. Even so, I hope to finish before the snow flies ;-).

The next step in the process is complete. All the highlights are done. Now come washes to establish the shadows (the shaded part of James Wappel's shaded basecoat method).

Mold-seams magically appear,  requiring  remedial action
Lattice pattern on kilts needs special attention
Some pink is added to the vertical portion of the kilt

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Block Party

Too late for a Paint Table Saturday post, the next step on FD's Bearded Devils is done. All the colors are blocked in. As with Bael and Ashratu, Reaper Cinnamon Red and Vallejo Vermilion are the stars of the show. The fluorescent orange beards are a new wrinkle.

My technique borrows heavily from painting guru James Wappel. He advocates getting all the base colors in place straight away and that's what I've done here. It really helps to see how (and, for that matter, if ) all the colors relate to one another.

When watching Wappel's videos his speed is enough to make a plodder such as myself feel ill. Suffice it to say that it took me a while to advance these three to this point.

Next step: work on the highlights. Onward.

It seems that while Mortal Arrow is no longer FD's distributor, they're still selling whatever stock they have on hand. At last check there was some neat stuff remaining.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The End is Somewhat Nigh

Fractured Dimensions' Bearded Devils are officially under the brush. Impressive looking multipart minis with all sorts of deeply recessed bits that are nearly inaccessible by brush. The heavy black undercoat in their under-kilt regions is an attempt to deal with the worst of it.

As for the end being nigh, Mortal Arrow will no longer be the distributor of Fractured Dimensions miniatures after today. (I've no inside info on what happens to the minis after that.)

Some work was required to fit two of these guys onto standard 25mm bases (a ledge made from mica flake gel in one case and a strategically placed shield in another).

A little putty-work was needed to deal with gaps at their necks and to rebuild a miscast claw.

Hopefully there will be enough progress to warrant a proper Paint Table Saturday post.